About us

Bilgiç İnşaat Mimarlık Mühendislik, which has established experienced and reliable facilities in the construction sector, is one of the fastest growing companies in the construction sector. All projects that have been awarded with high quality, sophisticated and qualified living spaces aimed at sunbathingOur company continues to work on new projects for which we intend to spend the next year as well as projects that are welcomed with intense interest.

Bilgic Construction, which has a vital experience as a result of intensive studies of its projects with the principle of "Quality Life for Everyone", takes the front row in the sector with its quality projects.

The company, which has continued its successes for years, has become a brand that brings together quality and customer satisfaction in its sector.

Company Partners;

Tufan Bilgiç - Construction Engineer
In 1982, İ.T.Ü Sakarya Müh. The faculty. Construction Eng. Completed your undergraduate program. He has produced static and reinforced concrete projects in his past 30 years of his career and has implemented some important projects under the consultancy of ITU academic staff. He has produced a number of projects such as public housing, industrial sites, hospitals, business centers, schools. Between 1996 and 1998, he served as Chief of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Istanbul Branch Yalova Temsilciliği. After the earthquake of 1999, he was appointed to the commission for supervision of strengthening projects, which was established in the Chamber of Civil Engineers. During this period, the project worked as a consultant in certain strengthening projects and implemented the applications of chemical strengthening projects.

Metehan Bilgiç - architect
After working in various architectural departments, he joined Bilgiç Construction in 2009. He continues to work in İstanbul branch and Yalova head office. At the same time, he continues his academic career in the Building Information Masters program.

Batuhan Bilgiç - Interior designer


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